Who are We?

Off the Vine Rack is a specialty apparel and accessories line inspired to express the love of wine and its consumption through everyday fashions.


Creator, artist, seamstress, idea-bring-to-lifer and founder, Chelsea Celaya, was inspired to launch Off the Vine Rack thanks to the prodding and fueling of her doting husband, a deep passion for wine, her insatiable creativity to design and her knack for sewing. Thus Off the Vine Rack was born, bringing to the world adorable fashions well equipped with wine-loving flare.

Off the Vine Rack strives to produce truly unique products for the every day wine admirer. Whether you’re trained as a sommelier or just happen to be the casual two-buck chuck drinker, it is our hope that we create something that compliments your passion for wine. We strive to design products that Chelsea herself would be jealous of mailing out to the lucky customer. Each product line carries very limited runs and unless this demand grows, we will continue the promise of our exclusively designed merchandise.

We’re presently just a small in-home business, but we have many plans for the future as we grow and expand our product lines. We hope that you stick around and continue to support us.